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Mnls Sanitary ware redefined the whole bathroom


MONALISA redefined the whole bathroom :

MONALISA's native culture
MONALISA, France long romantic fashion saling goods for its superior washing cultural essence of design concept into a romantic, and avant-garde art, chic, noble, elegant fashion elements, to create a series of sanitary bathroom cabinets, basin, bathroom mirror beauty, taps and bathroom hardware ever, the toilet bowl, shower rooms, bathtubs and bathroom appliances and bathroom fittings metal accessories; Organic classic elegance and modern fashion is a combination of the most prominent characteristics of MONALISA; it should be expressed in the life of the unique design and use of the French culture, and impart a romantic, free and comfortable, elegant refinement of life and sentiment.

Bathroom overall solution
Over the years, as decoration toilet, and hard batches from different manufacturers to buy their ideal bathroom facilities and decoration materials, and personally supervised the construction renovation work, and when all these elements are often lumped together when the unexpected happened -- it lost, however, and resist, and even conflict. Although the market with a dazzling variety of independent brands of sanitary products in the bathroom, but no one can provide customers with real good overall washing solution. . . . . .

The overall charm of the native environment expression
MONALISA will love the whole bathroom complicated as a synthesis, both bathroom cabinets, washstand and hydrants, toilets, Toilet and shower rooms, bathtubs in the mix, or ever, the measurement head, or bathroom mirror and bathroom accessories, hardware choices, for perfect, is the overall environment in which to dig out the "simple and astonishing" aesthetics. Because fittings and bathroom furniture, ever, beauty microscopy, leading sprinklers, or any single product to be integrated into the overall environment of a unified style, toilet renovation would like to express some emotion other elements in the conflict will disappear. Thus, the overall procurement and construction of all sanitary facilities, bathroom becomes a MONALISA overall solution to the core.

Rebuilding the lives of every person
MONALISA sanitary concerns are no longer the love of shell material, but she has to live her life and bearing the remodeling. MONALISA gave one-on-one communication with their clients, sales staff, construction personnel familiar with the bathroom door to the indoor complicated pieces of cloth pipe, fittings proficient in the installation and construction; Together with skilled staff to answer customer queries : : MONALISA has an unusually warm and loving, will work as a customer service every sacred thing.
MONALISA appreciate the cultural style, is a breakthrough in the traditional group, the surface of the rhetoric and not to hesitate groups, they found that the world needs to use them to give their subjective feelings of life,  MONALISA confidently hope that through this brand to make this world is full of life.