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Bidet Bathroom concepts into the home market,


Integrated message recently was informed that the domestic home appliance giant, a portable device into the body of two smart clean bidet considerable potential market, causing the industry's close attention.

It is understood that many countries abroad, clean body device usage up to 60%, despite the bidet in our late start, but as the people's rising living standards, public health awareness of the gradual strengthening of the body-cleaning device has entered a number of upscale hotels and private households, more and more people began to abandon the traditional health practices, accept Bidet toilet idea of bringing the health of Wei.

Ducklings are introducing "Love Li washing" smart clean body temperature control device includes sterilization, massage, drying, energy-saving sensor switch intelligent, user-friendly features, its effective anti-bacterial to prevent virus infection and sterilization capabilities specifically for the middle-aged people, women and patients favor of hemorrhoids.