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Chinese ceramics and how to expand export markets


Ceramics as China's traditional export products, occupies an important position in the world, has an important impact. The manufacture of ceramic products is not only accompanied the entire history of civilization of the Chinese nation, but also through the past 20 years rapid development, China has become the largest producer of ceramics, especially porcelain exported to more than 160 countries and regions, annual export with the amount of the total ranking first in the world. In recent years, China's construction, sanitary ceramics exports are rising rapidly, up a strong momentum, gratifying development of the situation is becoming an important export New Army.

State porcelain competing abroad Door
At present, China's ceramic production has ranked first in the world for 8 consecutive years. In 2001, China's porcelain production of up to 12 billion, accounting for the world's daily output of 70% of the ceramic tile production accounts for about 45% of global production, sanitary ceramics production accounts for 20% of the world's total. The size of China's ceramic exports in 2001, compared with Turkey, a difference of only tens of millions of dollars from this year's export momentum of a good run, will exceed the size of Turkey's exports to become ranked Italy, Spain, after the world's third largest exporter of ceramics. Now China's exports of ceramic products has been extended to the world's seven continents in the past more than 200 countries and regions. In particular, in recent years, the United States, the European Union and Southeast Asian markets optimistic about the export situation. In addition, open to the Pacific, particularly in South America and Africa, export ceramics countries in the region.

Chinese ceramics in the development process, forming the backbone of a number of export products. In the exports ceramic products, daily-use porcelain export products has been formed Tangshan, Handan, Shandong Zibo, Liling, Hunan, Guangdong, Chaozhou, a batch of export porcelain production base. The Red Rose bone china, like Tangshan, Handan strengthening of glazed porcelain, ceramic, etc. Zibo's Huaguang have become a more well-known international brand. In building sanitary ceramics export side, Foshan Eagle, Dongpeng, New sources, new Pearl; chiao Tung MONALISA, diamonds, and the benefits reach all Tangshan rising share of exports is becoming China's Ceramic Industry Foreign the backbone of the export enterprises, the rapid development momentum.

The price is too low into the country hidden porcelain
In the first half, China's export daily-use porcelain Pingjunmeijian ceramic products sold in the international market only 0.2 U.S. dollars, only the United Kingdom and Japan, countries such as 1 / 7.
The reason why China's inability to sell at a good price for ceramics, first of all is the lack of brand awareness. Although China is the world's largest ceramics producer and exporter, but no effect of the formation of brand-name industry, the lack of well-known brands, in particular, the lack of an internationally renowned brands, most of the products can only rely on low cost access to foreign medium and low market Many high-quality products can only be the name of the foreign brands to enter the high-end market. This "heavy manufacturing, light selling" way of thinking brought about a result, profits and product reputation compromised.
Second is the lack of innovation. China's ceramic production in product variety, color, quality, etc. also face great constraints, there is no new breakthrough. Currently in use of porcelain, most of the 20th century, fifties or sixties, or the device type and patterns, and in the international arena, these design trends early nineties have been great changes, there has been " Post-modernism, "" post-industrial culture "phenomenon of the design, product development trends to consumer tastes as a guide, the only way to gain a firm foothold in the market and given a broader space for development.
Finally, cut-throat competition among enterprises, they played the price war. As the domestic enterprises fierce price war, will profit margin to foreign dealers that he worked so hard just for foreign dealers "wage", which had to be subject to all the dealers asking price. In fact, the quality of ceramic products in China has won the international market recognition, even if the price increase was still able to find a buyer. The industry believes that another price war this situation continues, prices are below cost are prone to the phenomenon, once the prices are below cost, two kinds of consequences will be introduced soon: First, reduce costs, product quality is likely to decline, but once quality and shaken, the customer and the market will also will be shaken; Second, even if there is no lower than the cost price, but the buyer will unilaterally agree that Taiwan take anti-dumping low-priced dumping. This Chinese porcelain export industry is undoubtedly a fatal blow.

The country's strategy to expand the export porcelain
Take the initiative to become bigger and stronger brand. The revitalization and development of ceramics is important shift in attitudes and create "CHINA" brand, establish an international industry's image. China's art of porcelain in the world have always been a very good reputation, both technology and product quality are a world leader in many of the best pottery well known at home and abroad, becoming insight competing collection of objects. As is known as "the Millennium porcelain capital" of Jingdezhen, produced a set called "auspicious" in glazed tableware, is an important national leaders visit gift. In recent years, Jingdezhen is also based on the original technology, a series of technical updates, the recent millennium ceramics will also be combined with nano-technology for the production of green ceramic, porcelain, as well as anti-bacterial foam ceramic and high-tech ceramics, relying on high-tech technology to maintain "the Millennium porcelain capital" of the youth, to become a model for ceramics. China's ceramics industry has the advantage of lower cost, but low-cost, quality, excellent premise, but a lack of brand recognition, then the domestic manufacturers when bargaining with the merchants on price, will be forever controlled by others, rather than wait for someone else to Le a neck bargaining, might as well take the initiative in the international market, bigger and stronger brand.
Enhance the awareness of export earnings. In the economic globalization and international competition-oriented background, ceramics enterprises to establish export-oriented development philosophy and a strong sense of economic globalization, the world market, through various channels, a variety of ways to participate in international competition. International Ceramics market is diverse, different countries and different cultures, different spending habits of the users of the product quality, assortment, etc. require very different. The information learned from the present, Russia is encouraged to experiment with imported porcelain, antique porcelain and coffee in Germany sells animal shaped like French porcelain, the Spanish preference for oriental features images of ceramic art strong demand from the United States and require product design elegant crisp, Italy love Yixing clay pots, the Australian pop iron porcelain and hard porcelain, Japanese porcelain favor of the old new packaging. Domestic enterprises should carefully collect foreign ceramics market demand for different market needs, right varieties segmentation and product grade.
Focus on mining ceramic culture. Is the only nation in the world, and Chinese ceramics to engage the world, not only in product quality, work hard, but also to carry out changes in product design and innovation, ceramic products and the Chinese nation will be a long artistic tradition and contemporary aesthetic ideas of the combined to fully tap the long and splendid ceramic culture of our country, they played the cultural card, rooted in ethnic, Bocaizhongchang to create not only look beautiful but also very cultural connotation, not only has its own unique color combination of global trends and products.
Focus on upgrading industrial grade. Grade is to upgrade the industry to expand exports of China's ceramic industry an important support. Domestic ceramic enterprises according to market demand, the wide range of conduct with the internationally renowned ceramic company contacts and cooperation to further speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, with high-tech graft Chinese ceramic industry, as soon as possible equipment, technologies and products a whole. Make great efforts to carry out scientific research, to cultivate a group of high-tech, market competitive, enterprises with good economic results and products to improve China's ceramic industry's overall strength and core competitiveness.
Information from: China Netcom, industrial ceramics