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Sanitary ceramics, no matter how you choose Gonglue


Bathroom is decorated in the heavy head, ceramic sanitary ware is the most critical bathroom products, purchase and supporting of particular importance.

Variety of ceramic sanitary ware purchase

Ceramic sanitary ware main varieties Toilet, bidet, wash basins, sink, mop pool, hand cartons, soap box and so on, currently on the market a lot of ceramic sanitary ware brand, quality, grade differences in a larger price difference between the gap. When you purchase your first should be supporting awareness, be sure they want to achieve the expected standard, each suite parts or accessories should be at the same grade level.

Toilet drainage to determine the manner and installation dimensions

Make sure to measure before buying Toilet Xia Shuikou Center, the distance from the wall (the drainage patterns), or the distance from the ground (after drainage patterns) to determine the purchase of the Toilet is next, after drainage or drainage structures, selected drainage consistent with the way and installation of suitable size to Toilet to install. Toilet wall outlet from the size should be equal to or slightly less than the walls of the bathroom Xia Shuikou distance (the drainage patterns); Toilet outlet distance above the ground should be equal to or slightly above the height of the bathroom drain (after drainage patterns) .

Matching products to match the style, tone

The bathroom is more than a number of ceramic pieces, a few pieces of ceramic products such as Toilet, wash basin, soap box, hand paper box, mop pools shape color is only the same or close to be harmonious appearance.

Carefully chosen to meet the

Selection of ceramic sanitary ware should meet with non-master can have different requirements can be met: ceramic pieces can be met is installed, it is easy to see that the surface quality can be met should be strict control, especially when the water splashed in the use of site quality is more important, and after installation can not see the quality of the surface, do not be too picky.

Appearance to judge the quality of three

(1) whether there are cracks: a thin rod with thin pieces of porcelain tap the edge of crisp listen to their voices, when there are "husky" sound when the ceramic pieces that have cracks.

(2) deformation Size: The ceramic pieces placed on a flat platform, the direction of the activities to check the smooth symmetry, installing ceramic surface and the surface of the edge is Euparagonimus, installation holes are evenly rounded.

(3) Glaze Quality: glazed to be fine smooth, glaze uniform. Can be met, especially the quality of water splashing wet glazed is particularly important in the glaze on the drops a few drops of colored liquid absorbed wipe with a cloth, wipe with a damp cloth after a few seconds, check the glazed, no dirty spots better.

Porcelain pieces are water absorption, Toilet well as the sewage, water, noise, water-seal features such as performance requirements, these properties are generally difficult for consumers to check the judge, should be to choose a reputation of quality products which guarantee access to the product certification and accreditation by the state departments of CMA chapters covered with short-term and effective quality inspection report.
Source: China Building Sanitary Ceramics Network