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Stylish bathroom elements, N


Flow: Bathroom soul

Water is the only dynamic element in Bath, due to the presence of water, the bathroom is not just visual enjoyment of the United States, but also can be experience, have been feeling. Almost all of the sanitary facilities, water service are: basin, faucet, bath ... ... how to make reasonable arrangements to water in the bathroom environment, this is the latest research in recent years, designers.

Custom Bathroom

In 2005, the number of perfection for the middle class who wish to be customized to meet their own unique home desires. Measurement does not require its own room size, do not need to own furniture, paintings drawings, just need to clear what they want bathroom pleasures. Custom bathroom is by no means the designated system of individual products, but generalized to the whole bathroom space and the environment. Personalized bathroom space should be designed, will you want to life to tell designers, small basin tub, large tile mosaic formed by the walls and ground, the overall design concept will be reflected in its own reasonable location.

Mosaic: bathroom Required Materials
When people feel the pressure outside the home when the family room for the corresponding need to become more pure. To fully exploit a sense of metallic materials design mosaics, waterfalls and spelling patterns mosaic mosaic bathroom is the most fashionable selection of materials must not only take into account the simple style, but also embodies a unique personality. Perhaps we can not determine the bath room at who play a leading role, but it can be sure, as the supporting role of the bathroom fittings are of the scenery has a main character. "Accessories for the bathroom, just like a woman wearing jewelry for Chinese clothes, the atmosphere between the right to create a bathroom does have the effect of finishing touch. Therefore, creativity and strong, simple, decent, quality, elegance, and the overall match between the affordable bathroom accessories has been consumers. "building details of the Bathroom," the concept of deepening, bathroom accessories in the material, color, shape and pattern on the great changes have taken place, consumers have greater choice of space.

Chrome: clean and bright durable
Chrome-plated accessories are currently on the market the largest proportion of parts, not only clean and bright look, feel soft and delicate, and relatively easy to clean and durable. Such accessories as chrome-plated exterior layer of protection there is, the internal material less susceptible to oxidation, insurable with Time.
In the purchase, consumers must find out the basic material in the end parts are chrome-plated brass or stainless steel chrome, because they look only from the point of view, there is no much difference. In general, copper and chrome plated stainless steel than the branded product prices higher, but also more than stainless steel and durable chrome-plated.

Stainless steel: style, fashion exquisite fresh
Stainless steel fittings leading modern fashion style, while retaining its own unique sense of refined taste and freshness for the pursuit of fashionable young people's mentality.
Consumers the best brand of sanitary ware store to purchase. In some building materials stores, a number of stainless steel fittings appearance looks somewhat similar product, in fact, the surface through the chrome-plated copper or stainless steel fittings. However, consumers will find that, after carefully distinguish only after polished stainless steel accessories, color, chrome accessories bleak than some.
Paint: easy elegant, easy to clean
In choosing bathroom accessories, some consumers prefer metal though durable, but hate it the appearance of indifference. There are experts on the introduction of internal copper or other durable metal, the surface treatment through the paint bathroom accessories, probably will be suitable for these more "critical" consumers. And as easy to bath water splashed on a variety of bathroom accessories, the scrub quite time-consuming, so recommend that you use the bathroom easy to clean and paint between the parts, as long as you can wipe gently with water and will never leave the water mark.
Modern Traditional refreshing
Currently on the market addition to the usual metal material, there are some non-mainstream material parts, such as ceramics, frosted glass, wood and other materials, products, style accessories for rich, color, shape and so played a role in icing on the cake. Thus, in the purchase bathroom accessories, they must depend on whether it is sanitary, even in the unity of the entire home design style. In addition, due to the different choice of materials, products, prices vary widely, consumers also need to consider when purchasing their affordability and lifestyle.
Custom Bathroom Environment
As the home of the most casual of bathroom space for privacy, the most taboo because the single sanitary products which led to another rig out of tune with the overall environment. In 2005, the number of perfection for the middle class who wish to be customized to meet their own unique home desires.
Quietly showing off
In the modern style bathroom environment by adding some of the classical element is the end of the year a number of front-line domestic brands of Italy's most popular design technique, but also on behalf of the 2005 development trend of the overall home design. Wind is the integration of ancient and modern culture, values, vanity, hedonism, individualism, and other closely related concepts, top bathroom brands are very good at fashion and create a balance between classic and will do the classical elements such as ornate old wooden floors and vaulted medieval roof with modern bathroom facilities on simple integration, exudes a kind of showing off quietly.

Bathroom and bedroom, close contact with
What is the real function of bath? Is to allow people to get completely in leisure to relax and expand bathroom area, so that has never appeared in the bathroom in the creativity coming out of furniture and items. Bathroom ambiguous atmosphere, appeals to the imagination ... ... In 2005, at your home, bathroom and bedroom to let close contact with a bar!
At present, people have a new trend in home decoration, home improvement is no longer the focus of the living room, design concepts have infiltrated into the home of the other spaces, including the bath rooms. A lot of people are now willing to be a lot of money in the bathroom, the exquisite bathroom which have appeared in life, those elegant and exquisite bath, smooth as a mirror of the polished surface of the table is the best testimony of bathrooms.
However, this new concept of space can not be for everyone, but to change some of its elements, but you can update your home off the master bedroom bathroom from time to time using the bathroom.
Source: Chinese Ceramics Network