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From brand-name recognition to see behind the success of the brand


The success of the brand, the key is to market the brand recognition of the degree. In other words, to establish a strong brand, which is to establish the brand in the market a high visibility, reputation and loyalty, that is, the establishment of extensive and highly effective brand recognition.
Brand is one of many complex factors, and their overall performance, the market and consumer adoption of the integrated performance of this complex to carry out brand recognition. Feedback from the market a brand identity is a specific description of the brand attributes, brand identity as described in the brand behind the four main contents: brand product, corporate identity, image expression, brand association.
First, brand-name products
The brand is based on product, brand stands for products, a brand from the unknown to the wide acceptance is based on product as the carrier, through the circulation of products in the market's performance.
Here we must emphasize that "product" with the word meant different things to different brands, because of specific products have a variety of different levels of attributes, physical and chemical properties of the product is described at various levels.
1, general brand
Common brand is after a period of time to promote a certain well-known, but has yet to achieve brand recognition brand. Common brands of products required on behalf of many of the most specific attributes from all angles to describe the general brand products represent only the most specific of the product itself, including all the attributes of the product, where the brand is equivalent to trademarks. We say that certain ceramics brand, only said that the brand owner of the production (or OEM) to a certain kind of brand ceramic products only, including the kind of color, size, grade, and even the hardness, water absorption, Antipollution performance, etc. All the physical and chemical properties. Perhaps this is not the trouble of making stress, but the contrast strong brand, a description of leading brands, its real intention from now.
2, strong brand
Strong brand, is the market for some time widely recognized brand. Strong brand attributes need only be described in some of these brands not only on behalf of the product itself, but is the product of a property of a representative of the strong brand in general is a kind of leading brands. Target consumers see the brand, think of the same attributes of the product categories. Here, the role of the brand was revealed. Such as gold Italian pottery, with its years of "Creating antique tiles first brand" build, a moment the atmosphere into a more appropriate time "golden Italian pottery made heaven and earth" and promotion strategies. More than a year, Golden Italian pottery and quickly upgraded to emulate Marco Polo's leading brand of antique tiles.
3, leading brands
The so-called leading brands, is a long-term, widespread brand recognition by the market. Real leadership brand is part of the whole industry, the real leading brands only need to describe the properties of very little, and sometimes can be as long as the reference to the prevailing Name. A real leadership brands, not only represents the industry's past and present, can also be run from a specific brand to see trends in the industry's future.
2, enterprise features
Degree of brand recognition, and is closely related to the brand's business. A brand on behalf of the brand owner's business, and through the radiance of the brand reflects the company behind the brand, another from a different point of view of the rich and distinctive features. Specifically include the following aspects:
1, enterprise strength
Enterprise strength including economic strength, talent mix, production technology, research capacity, financial situation ... ... from the brand connotation to show it sometimes is their overall performance, sometimes a few of the main performance, sometimes even the characteristics of a point to enlarge . New source of ceramics are known for their Chinese ceramic enterprises with the largest, said recently after a series of honors, was awarded the hosting honors Chinese well-known trademarks, brand recognition can be described as culmination, its brand connotation of the enterprise strength is an important part of the natural.
2, business leaders
A successful brand must have been a successful entrepreneur. Behind the brand as the brand owner's business, its main leaders a direct impact on the development track of the brand. Very often when it comes to the brand, they will think of the entrepreneurs behind the brand when it comes to entrepreneurs, they will think of the brand on behalf of entrepreneurs, such as the beautiful Huang Jianping, gold Italian pottery ware, large General Liu Chaoyang, etc. Personalized full, each with charisma. A well-known entrepreneur in itself is already a very high degree of brand recognition.
3, business ideas
The brand also represents a kind of enterprise business ideas, as the mature crowd, different people have different outlook on life, like, different brands have different ideas naturally, views, ideas, naturally there are different marketing models and services characteristics. Great General Ceramics Gaoyao behind the General Ceramics Co., Ltd. to "The Art of War," "will be those who, wisdom, letters, Ren, Yong, Yan also" the corporate vision, combined with its slogan "to be done all General" launched the market less than two years, we have obtained a wide range of brand recognition.
4, the enterprise culture
Modern enterprises attach importance to enterprise management, and scientific, the highest level of management is corporate culture. Through the brand, can understand the brand management of the enterprise level, through the brand, the brand can be found behind the corporate culture. Dongpeng ceramics outside the building of enterprise culture in the industry when praise is virtually a brand Dongpeng to mature into a high-quality business content.
5, corporate social responsibility
Intense competition in the market, brands are at the open, advertised in the state, the attitude of the world for social responsibility, each brand will inevitably need to declare points of view and talk with action. As an active sponsor charity of the Eagle and the new Pearl, with regard to socially responsible brand image of the rising power in the industry enjoys a high status.
3, image expression
Brand was born accompanied by an image of the birth of the brand exposure is from a specific image of the brand started, people identify with the brand also basically agrees with the brand image. The brand image expression was mainly launched from the following aspects:
1, Brand Identity
Brand identity in order to refine the artistic image of a certain expression of the meaning of specific information to pass a clear, comprehensive thinking is a concrete manifestation of the brand, brand identity in the role of a huge brand recognition. Grice with lion standing proudly as a brand identity, Xiaoyu brick dance for young girls as a brand identity are the subject of an accurate expression of the brand connotation.
2, CI system
CI, including MI, BI, and VI of three parts, is the brand a complete recognition system. MI is the highest policy level, the strategy is the strategic side of the brand image of thought (philosophy); BI is a dynamic identification form is implementation of the strategy side of the brand image of behavior (rules); while the VI is a static recognition system is launched the strategy side, is the brand image of appearance (visual). While emphasizing the marketing of the brand identity, visual image of the VI system is particularly important. Tianjiao ceramic VI systems, focusing on practical operation results, the operation of the first on the brand widely popular, no doubt to the Tianjiao starting point to market the brand laid a solid foundation for its planning in 2004 and was selected for the case of top-planning books.
3, brand totem
Some brands have an image of the totem. In order to better enhance the brand image, using well known as a symbol of something to represent the brand, would be a good way, used properly, can quickly raise brand awareness and reach brand recognition. Sheng in Chinese knot, gold rudder rudder, large general's flag, both in the brand communications play a multiplier Most Effective.
4, the image of endorsement
Use of the image of endorsement is a shortcut to quickly enhance the brand recognition. Celebrity spokesperson as images, in the ceramic brand also appeared. Last year, Miss World Qi Guan Huapeng Ceramic please endorsement in order to "Huapeng + Qi Guan = Chinese Fashion," a new concept to attack the market, hot speculation prevailed.
Image of the celebrity endorsement is not necessarily the recent strong performance of gold Octavia Pan Gu Zhuan, that lovely red apple hands and little girl, but also for the brand's fast and efficient dissemination of meritorious service not small.
5, Integrated Communication
The so-called integration of communication, that is, a period of time in all regions, all communication carriers, all promotional materials, all with a unified brand image appears only in this way, the brand's image before being added together, is the rapid accumulation can be most effectively implanted into the hearts of audiences in order to achieve the number of levels to achieve brand recognition to accompany. Such as the summit ceramics, a very long time, in all of its outdoor advertising, brochures, newspaper ads, leaflets, posters, is a statue of Napoleon's sturdy standing proudly in the Louvre, the subject of pre-screen, giving with a very strong impression.
4, the brand Lenovo
Audience exposed to the brand, will produce the rich getting from here to Lenovo, successful brand recognition of the brand, all seem optimistic about the bright auspicious imagination. In the operation of the brand planning process, characterized by the use of people's associations and consciously guide the target consumer group, Lenovo, Lenovo produces a relatively fixed content, has become a brand planner important work.
1, from the brand name of the association
Brand recognition is the most easy to produce the most direct association is that the brand name, which requires the beginning of the brand name should had done that sufficiently. Chinese people prefer it official, a good name for a brand of rapid dissemination of paved highway. Like the MONALISA ceramics, Jiajun Ceramics, Jane, a ceramics, music can be ceramic, porcelain and other great generals, in the brand identity and promote the success of the credit book, its brand names who contributed.
2, creating an association by advertising language
Diction is both fitting another subtlety of the advertising language, can lead people to never forget it imagination, and the resulting brand infinite yearning. Not difficult to understand some of the words brand slogan heavily in order, if successful, there are pre-loaded effect, nor difficult to understand some of the brand because it stood for hard to find the words to ads in exchange for in exchange for revealing the brand a painful one. Like specially ceramics "especially for you," Xiaoyu brick "like Xiaoyu", Verve tiles "good tiles, there is charm," and so on, their advertising language consistent with product features, decent accuracy, but also to give people a warm or friendly , or the romantic elegance of the imagination, it is food for thought.
3 market position by creating an association
The reality of the brand position in the market, but also about the audience's perception. For the market, brand image, consumer associations are mostly analog style. Position in the market in different ceramic brands, some consumers to brands in other industries analogy, in order to generate brand recognition accordingly. If an analogy ceramics and home appliances brand, a trade this way extend the analogy: New sources such as Changhong, Dongpeng such as Haier, Eagle, like Prima, the new Pearl, like TCL, Hisense, like gold rudder ... ... Of course, this is just one of the words may not be accurate.
4, by creating an association to promote strategies
The brand in a certain period will be a theme to promote, if the concept of a unique new theme appropriately, can quickly enhance the brand, resulting in a wide range of brand recognition, highlighting the brand's limitless vitality. Such as the Eagle's "evolution" concept, the sun vero ecological bricks "eco" concept Ou Shennuo a "fashion-oriented" and "A World Without bricks" concept, as well as product integration promotion gold Italian pottery, "Fuga Song" theme, etc., can be termed a classic ceramic industry promotion strategy.
Apply a famous, successful brands are similar, and unsuccessful brands each have their own differences. A successful brand behind the brand product, corporate identity, image expression of various factors such as brand association successful outcome. And if a brand through the necessary import and market development, degree of brand recognition is still not high, it is certain that, in the above-mentioned factors, there is always 1:00 2:00 not handled well, the brand has become an obstacle to development.

Source: Chinese Ceramics Network